prefixes for mogai and other terms!

currently this list is quite small! if you have any suggestions be sure to tell me so i can add them :]


I. general/non themed
II. neurological
III. plural related
IV. nouns
V. unsorted

prefix meanings are in parentheses, and clicking on a linked prefix will show you an example of it in use!

this carrd was made by orxngecrxsh!

general/non themed

ambi- (both)
demi- (only feeling [x] attraction after a strong emotional connection has been made, OR being partially [x] gender and partially something else)
neo- (new)
mono- (one)
bi- (two but more often used to mean two or more)
tri- (three)
pan- (all)
omni- (all)
alle- (all)
poly- (multiple)
xeno- (strange or foreign)
intro- (inward)
extro- (outward)
trans- (across/over/beyond)
peri- (around/about)
dia- (thorough/completely)
intra- (within)
apora- (separate)


neuro- (for neurogenders)
auti- (relating to autism)
deluso- (relating to delusions)


fictivi- (related to being a fictive)
fuzztivi- (related to being a fuzztive)
faitivi-/fucktivi-/fcktivi- (related to being a faitive/fucktive/fcktive)
fogtivi- (related to being a fogtive)
factivi- (related to being a factive)
plushtivi- (related to being a plushtive)

related to nouns

plantae- (plants
planti- (plants)
pianta-/pianti- (plants)
fyto-/fyti- (plants)
boleti-/boleta- (mushroom)
fungo-/funga- (mushroom)
padde-/paddi- (mushroom)
manita-/maniti- (mushroom)
felis-/feli- (cats)
kitti- (cats)
canis-/cani- (dogs)
puppi- (dogs)
lepori- (bunnies
bunni- (bunnies)
strawbe-/strawbi (strawberries)
abime- (relating to the abyss)
aether- (relating to the heavens/aether)
aster- (star/outer space)
crossi- (for genders related to animal crossing)
siderea- (connected to stars)
planeta- (connected to planets)
lunata- (connected to the moon)
solata- (connected to the sun)
litorea- (connected to beaches)
montana- (connected to mountains)
piscaria- (connected to fish)
oceanica- / aquatica- (connected to oceans)
castella- (connected to castles)
regalia- (connected to regality)
phantasia- (connected to fantasy)
regna- (connected to kingdoms/royalty)
pigmenta- (connected to a paint color/a shade of paint, i.e. the name given by the company)
paletta- (connected to color palettes/paint chips)
pictura- (connected to paintings)
imaginis- (connected to images)
statua- (connected to statues)
artis- (connected to art in general)


lexe- (for lexegenders)
audi- (for audiogenders)
gothi- (goth aesthetics)
bona- (good)
quix- (idealistic/impractical)
seather- (the serentity one feels while listening to chirping birds)
maraki- (to do something with passion/love/soul)
abduc- (to lead from)
adamo- (to fall in love)
circa- (approximately)
animo- (sincerely/from the heart)